Rouleur No. 17

Rouleur 17 features a trip to Italian tubing wizards Columbus, written by editor Guy Andrews and photographed by Ben Ingham. Young Czech rider, Jan Hirt, is also a subject of Ingham’s lens, along with words from Herbie Sykes. Herbie, who is a foremost writer on Italian cycling, has also penned a piece on the legendary Gino Bartali.

The seventeenth edition includes an exclusive preview of Rouleur’s forthcoming book by Michael Barry and Camille J McMillan, Le Métier. This will be a uniquely intimate portrait of the life of a professional bike racer.

Regular contributors Johnny Green and William Fotheringham share their views on War and air-conditioning respectively. A photo-feature from a bunch of the usual suspects captures a number of English bike races, including the Dengie and Rutland-Melton. Further afield we have the second instalment of Rouleur’s investigation into the (until now) esoteric world of Shimano in Japan.
The best just keeps getting better.


Jan Hirt | Herbie Sykes and Ben Ingham

Never Give an Inch | Johnny Green

Shimano: Part Two | Guy Andrews and Taz Darling

Gino | Herbie Sykes

England | Rouleur Photographers

Columbus | Guy Andrews and Ben Ingham

Le Métier | Michael Barry and Camille J McMillan

The Knowledge | William Fotheringham