Rest Day Style

All riders want to look their best at the Tour. Yet, however stylish a rider may look on the bike with his speed and souplesse, the fact he is forced to wear exactly the same clobber as his colleagues just isn’t that cool. The true, individual style of a rider can only be gauged by the way he or she sports their kit: such as sock length and cap position; and in those moments off the bike: at the press conference; during the stage transfer; in the café (and in some cases in the bar). And yet none of these compare to what you learn about the personality of the rider on the rest day. Just think, a whole day to look like… well, this:

Anquetil was arguably the most stylish man on and off the bike. He set the bar so high that we haven’t really seen anyone match it since and Anquetil was one rider guaranteed to look debonair on rest day. This shot, taken somewhere near Aix Les Bains in 1958, tops our gallery due the fact that Anquetil manages to retain his panache despite being surprised by the photographer’s flashbulb. His mechanic (right) seems not to agree with his boss’s choice of attire, the quintessential race cape. C’est chouette!

Pantani’s love of tracksuits, earrings and giant t-shirts was apparently influenced by hip-hop fashion. Chapeau Marco.

A man who’s clearly taken style counselling from Bono and, er… Indiana Jones? It’s clearly Cipo, however, seen here in paparazzi stealth mode. Allez Mario.

Bernard Hinault was a fan of walking around in his cycling kit on rest day. That and showing off his collection of jerseys. In the 1980s, many teams believed that staying in bib shorts was good for the legs, much like the modern vogue for athletes to wear knee-length compression socks in their downtime. Bof!

Jan Ullrich. In lederhosen. Drinking beer. Very German. And very good for recovery (apparently).

My god, the 1960s has a lot to answer for. Then again, if listening to The Who helps Wiggins wear the Golden Fleece all the way to Paris, he can dress however he pleases. Bonne route, Bradley.

Not sure if, technically speaking, this qualifies as pros on a rest day but I recognise these two hipsters from somewhere…