From Boston with Love

Almost two weeks ago I left my post here in Portland to check back in with our East Coast Brethren. Pretty successful trip I have to say, and it looks, at least from a cycling standpoint that they are holding themselves down pretty well. The other benefit of heading back to the Boston area is to catch up with some old friends, but at the same time meet new people.

Here is a little recap from the trip.

1) Selectism.
This site is a great look at Men’s fashion and their buying habits. Their keen eye for anything Americana, or Workerwear put them instantly at the top of my list. And my pocketbook has suffered because of it. Jeff Carvalho is the man behind the myth and we met up to discuss a variety of things cycling as well as clothing and japanese vending machine toys. He then took me over to a nearby warehouse/artists space where we received guided tours through architecture, design, fashion design, printmaking, and even bicycle fabricating suites. Great space in Somerville, MA.

2) Seven Cycles
Lugs? Seven Cycles is dipping in to the realm of lugs. Interesting choice. But it is coming from within, so it must be great because they are all wonderful people over there. Rob Vandermark was kind enough to sit down with me over at Seven Cycles Headquarters in Watertown, to tell me about The Seven Cycles Collaborative. It is always great to meet up with Rob because he is the brains behind the Seven operation, but also simply for that reason. His vast knowledge of the Cycling industry is something that I am constantly trying to learn from. Word on the street is that these guys are heading to the N.A.H.B.S. this year with their new project.

3) Independent Fabrication
The guys over on Joy street are always cooking up something fresh. In fact the moment that I walked in the door I was greeted by this beautiful purple Planet Cross bike that head honcho Gary Smith had just built for his wife. Tyler snapped a few quick photos (while I was snapping photos of his desktop) before it was out the door to prep for its inaugural ride the next day. And speaking of rides it looks as though the IF guys teamed up with NYC Velo for a little jaunt through the outskirts of New York City a few weeks ago. Check out their post on it here. Rich Bravo, Sam Richardson, and Kansas Waugh of the Rapha Continental were on hand to show them how to do it.

4) Embrocation Racing Team
Most of the Embrocation Team was out battling through the mud of New Jersey but I caught up with James Morrison and Perri Mertens at a cross race in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They have been wearing the Classic Softshell that was customized with the Embrocation Moka Pot logo. With the mud an wet weather that cross calls for, and cross racers love, the Classic Softshell seemed like the best choice for this handsome team (If I don’t mind saying so myself- and I don’t).

There is some great stuff coming out of the Boston area these days, and if this is any example of that, well then it is going to be a good year.