A Real Climber’s Prize

I’m sure there is some organization that tracks these statistics, but if I had to take a guess I’d venture that 99% percent of grooms arrive at their wedding in a car. However, if you’re Zack Vestal and you live in Boulder, CO where you happen to be an editor for VeloNews, you ride.

Just like any other Saturday, Zack and a couple friends donned their best cycling attire and made the climb up Flagstaff Mountain. Whereas typically the race for the top is merely for pride and the knowledge that you bested your friends, this ride had the best K.O.M. prize you can imagine. Zack took the mountain sprint at the Sunrise Amphitheatre from his groomsmen Ben Blaugrund and Karl Haunold to capture the prize—marital bliss.

Congratulations to the happy couple.
Chapeau Zack!