Field Notes: Cross Vegas

Welcome to Cross Vegas. Everything shiny and new was lined up in Las Vegas when the gun went off last Wednesday. New helmets, new glasses and skinsuits, new mint-colored pedals to clip into and new steeds to race around the dry grass circuit. The bicycle industry has welcomed the reprieve that this race offers each year. A chance to let go and give out a shout for the men and women that we support throughout the year. Gabby Durrin and Jeremy Powers took to the start for Team Rapha-FOCUS in another star-studded edition of the race.

With the excitement surrounding the race — and the continued progress in bringing their European counterparts to compete in these parts — it is easy to see why Cross Vegas continues to be one of the most hyped and sought after wins each year. The addition of Sven Nys to the men’s race added another mouthwatering layer to this race cake. The Belgian rider made his announcement to move to Trek Bicycles in 2014 a few weeks back and it seemed to overshadow anything else coming out of Vegas. Well, that and the seemingly never-ending debate over disc versus cantilever braking systems.

But it would be apt to say from our end that the season has kicked off with a great start. Both Jeremy Powers and Gabby Durrin are in top form, taking their great results at Cross Vegas (Powers 2nd, Durrin 7th) and capitalizing on them after two short days of rest to compete in Madison, Wisconsin.

But where is Nuke?

The one missing from the bunch is Zach McDonald. We would be lying if we didn’t think that great ride against Jonathan Page at Nationals in Madison was just a warm-up to another spectacular season. However, a few slight health issues have derailed the beginning of Zach’s season before it could even start. Hopefully we will see some action from the wheelie-riding McDonald shortly, as stints in both the UK and Japan are already listed on his schedule. Stay tuned.


Cross Vegas:
Jeremy Powers – 2nd
Gabby Durrin – 7th

Trek Cyclocross Collective – Madison, Wisconsin

Day One – Men:

1. Jeremy Powers (Rapha-FOCUS)
2. Ryan Trebon (
3. Ben Berden (Raleigh-Clement)

Day One – Women:
1. Elle Anderson – (Cal-Giant Specialized)
2. Gabby Durrin – (Rapha-FOCUS)
3. Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement)

Day Two – Men:
1. Danny Summerhill (Felt)
2. Tim Johnson (
3. Yannick Eckman (Cal-Giant)
…6. Jeremy Powers (Rapha-FOCUS)

Day Two – Women:
1. Elle Anderson (Cal-Giant)
2. Meredith Miller (Cal-Giant)
3. Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement)
4. Gabby Durrin (Rapha-FOCUS)