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What is a Clubhouse?

I Rapha Cycle Club sono stati creati per essere luoghi d’incontro e d’ispirazione per i ciclisti di tutto il mondo. Presenti nelle grandi città della bicicletta, all’interno è possibile provare e acquistare gli ultimi prodotti Rapha, scoprire oggetti in esclusiva per i Cycle Club, e una caffetteria dove si può anche mangiare. I club inoltre trasmettono gare in diretta e offrono mostre ed eventi esclusivi… Un luogo perfetto per godersi la cultura di questo sport meraviglioso, i Rapha Cycling Clubs rappresentano un’esperienza veramente unica.

What are Mobile Clubhouses?

Mobile Clubhouses traverse key cycling regions to visit the rides, races and events taking place there. Supplying riders and spectators with the finest coffee, the clubs also screen live racing and carry limited edition products. Each of the characterful vehicles that make up our fleet of Mobile Clubhouses is named after pioneers and unpredictable heroes of the sport. These include Franco ‘Wild Horse’ Bitossi, Louison ‘The Professor’ Bobet, and Pedro ‘Tin Donkey’ Horrillo.

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What is the Archive Store?

The Rapha Archive Store stocks past-season and sample products from across the Rapha range, all offered with significant savings – including items that are no longer available in Rapha Clubhouses or the online store. Located just outside Shepton Mallet – only a half-hour from Bristol, or just over two hours from London – the store is surrounded by excellent riding, and is neighbour to a selection of premium brands and designers also housed at Kilver Court. Young riders are offered an additional 15% off in-store.*

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