Rapha’s guide to spring riding

Spring is the time to look ahead. Riding ambitions for the year begin to take shape, and the racing season starts to rear its head. While the days grow longer, the weather can remain unpredictable. Follow our guide of tips and tricks to stay ahead of the conditions, and learn what to wear and how to wear it.

Principles for riding in spring

Spring is a time of changing weather, and enjoying your ride fully demands preparation and a little know-how. Read our guides to get road-ready this season.

Riding tips

Just because the conditions aren’t ideal, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ride.

Layers are key to comfort in spring – double up on base layers for extra insulation on cold days.
Manage your body temperature before it’s too late. Put a layer on before you’re cold, and take a layer off before you’re hot.
Wear oversocks to keep wind chill off your feet. They’ll also keep your shoes and socks clean.
Always take lights with you or fit them to your bike should you get caught out by a long ride or a puncture on a short day.