Women’s 100 – in pictures

Since its inception in 2013 the Rapha Women’s 100 has grown from a passionate idea to a worldwide event. On the eve of last Sunday’s Women's 100, 8,000 women around the world had pledged to ride one hundred kilometres. In reality though, the number of women who took to the road was much higher.

The first rides began in the east, with women in Japan, Korea and Thailand kick starting the day. As these riders rolled past the 100km mark the baton was passed west across the globe and another ride began. In all, there were over 240 Women’s 100 rides in 40 different countries around the world. These images are a summary of this celebration of women’s road riding.


We would like to thank all the women who led and organised rides on Sunday, without your help and your passion for the sport this day could not take place.

Don’t forget to register before 29th July to receive your Women’s 100 commemorative roundel and if you would like to continue your riding journey with Rapha why not learn more about the Rapha Cycling Club.