Tyler Smith

‘Tall’ Tyler Smith is a bike industry veteran, working with the Seattle-based hydration company Nuun, having grown up an hour further south on the Puget Sound. You’ll find Tyler riding cross, road, and town bikes, often with his young son Theodore hitching a ride.


Tyler’s Ride

A top pick for a local Seattle ride would be a lap of Bainbridge Island, following the Chilly Hilly route. This ride combines some quintessential time on the ferry to the island, and plenty of hills and fun roads along the water. Also, there are some great food and beer spots when you finish the ride in downtown Winslow.

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I’ve experienced some memorable rides over my years but my most important ride to date didn’t even take me out of my zip code – it was riding for the first time with my son Theodore on the back.

While I was an art student, I was drawn to the clean lines, classic heritage, and simple yet beautiful function of the fixed gear bicycle. I was hooked on the process of building my own bicycle from new and used parts, and understanding how every detail works together to achieve speed and freedom. After graduation, I began working in the bicycle industry, commuting during the the week, racing on the weekends. Today, the bike plays a major role in my life, my family life, and the lives of my closest friends.


By day, I’m the Director of Sales and Customer Marketing for Nuun Hydration, an active sports drink brand based in Seattle and used by cyclists, runners, and triathletes around the world. I grew up about an hour south of Seattle, in Gig Harbor, and moved up to the city in 2008 for an internship and job opportunity. My wife and I have been primarily bike-bound since we arrived.

I ride with a wide variety of cyclists, from almost every facet of my life. Cycling has always been about camaraderie for me. I enjoy the challenge of chasing a stronger and more experienced rider, and also the joy of inviting a new cyclist into the sport, helping indoctrinate them into one of the most enriching parts of my life.


I’ve had the privilege to experience some very memorable rides over my years but my most important ride to date didn’t even take me out of my zip code. As soon as my son, Theodore, turned nine months old – the required age for the child carrier on my bike – I loaded him up, and my wife and I slowly and carefully rolled around our block in the Magnolia neighbourhood of Seattle. Being able to share one of my favorite activities with this little person, seeing him grin ear to ear from under his bulky child’s helmet, and knowing that cycling would be a part of his life from this early age, it was truly a gift and a ride to remember.