The Cross Collection


Concentration, skill, and some small doses of bravery

Road racing is epic in scale, but cyclocross is far humbler in its vision – you’ll rarely be looking further than 20 feet ahead of your own front wheel, and you’ll be more interested in picking out the trail’s roots and ruts than you will be in seeing a mountain’s peak.

This is true whether you’re racing hard, practicing on a local loop, or out on a long-distance adventure on a mix of surfaces. Wherever and however you ride, cyclocross is a sport of concentration, skill, and small doses of bravery.

For the rigours of off-road riding

The Rapha Cross collection is designed with this in mind. A merino-blend Long Sleeve Cross Jersey is designed for longer rides in cool weather, while both the Cross Souplesse Jersey and Cross Long Sleeve Race Jersey are made to withstand the more intense efforts of the sport.


Cross Long Sleeve Jersey

A breathable, merino-blend jersey with an integrated shoulder pad designed for cyclocross riding in cool weather.


Super Cross Jersey

A short sleeve, breathable jersey designed for the tough and occasionally beer-soaked racing of Rapha Super Cross.


Women's Cross Long Sleeve Souplesse Jersey

A high-performance jersey with streamlined tailoring, in the style and fit of Rapha's Souplesse collection.


Cross Pro Team Socks

Rapha’s ultimate performance socks in the blue tones of the Cross collection, in the now traditional extra long length.


CX101: Cornering

On riding the curve, with Jeremy Powers

Jeremy Powers can put a bike through a corner at speeds that are hard to understand. In the early season, you’ll see him go tape-to-tape on wide, fast lines, pushing the traction of his tyres to the limit. Once the weather turns, you’ll see him pull controlled slides through thick mud, carrying speed where most riders are tempted to just carry their bikes.

Strong cornering is a keystone of cyclocross, so we picked the brains of Powers for his top tips.