Who to support at the great race

Teams and riders to watch

The peloton might seem a chaotic jumble of bright colours, ugly logos, and deeply tanned limbs, and you’d be right. But look beyond the apparent mess and you’ll find 22 very professional teams with nine very professional riders each hoping to do something amazing this July. The first 18 teams we review are from the sport’s first division, the WorldTour, and the bottom four are wild card choices from the second division, invited to race by the ASO. Please enjoy our tongue-in-cheek guide on who to cheer for at the Tour de France, with team descriptions and six-word rider profiles.


WorldTour Teams

Wildcard Teams

Yes, we are aware that our teams preview is missing Wanty-Groupe Gobert, but we simply couldn’t find anything interesting to write about them. Sorry guys.

Stages of the Great Race

We present our not-so-serious stage-by-stage guide to this year’s race.