Comfortably quick

Souplesse Aero

Years of research and design at the top level of the sport have helped us make cycling’s fastest kit. Now it’s time to up the high-speed stakes with a new jersey designed for moving fast. Presenting the Souplesse Aero Jersey.

The fundamentals of fast

Aerodynamic principles are applied to fabrics and designs that will help you move through the air faster.

Souplesse Aero Jersey

A jersey that’s lightweight and aerodynamic, designed to cut through the air on your fastest rides. Refined in the wind tunnel and made for moving at speed. Available in Rapha Cycling Club colours.

The back panel has a directional nap – a fabric that’s smooth in one direction, textured in the other to aid airflow.

An extended zip placket protects your bibs from the jersey’s main zip when you’re in the drops.
Bonded seams join smooth front fabrics to textured rear fabrics, keeping your fastest side forward.

“We wanted to take everything we’d learned making aero cycling kit over the years, starting with our WorldTour winning skinsuit, and push it. This collection is all about going fast, with nothing holding you back.”

Maria Olsson, Design Manager


“When I hear ‘aero’, I usually assume tight and uncomfortable. Not with Rapha, this jersey perfectly combines comfort with speed.”

Alice Barnes, CANYON//SRAM professional rider

In the film

Alice Barnes has raced all kinds of bikes. As a teenager she raced mountain bikes, going on to compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Now she’s bagging podiums at WorldTour level with CANYON//SRAM.