Ray Hsu

"Cycling has become a major part of my life, whether I’m commuting or adventuring. I feel unique cycling on the road, and I get a sense of pride from this sport."


Ray's ride

This ride leaves Taipei, before riding a big circle and finally returning to the city. The route includes a variety of terrain suitable for training, over mountains, through towns, and along the coast, with a variety of scenery and panoramic views. Also, this route looks like a big slice of pizza on the Strava map. Seeing other riders draw that slice always gives me a sense of of accomplishment.

Distance: 157km
Elevation gain: 1,700m

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I’ve been cycling since 2007. I was inspired by riders at the Taichung Criterium during the Tour de Taiwan in 2008. I began dreaming of being as fit and professional as those pro team cyclists. I devoted myself to training and raced with an amateur cycling team in 2009. Since then, I worked as a technician at a bike shop, and now I work as a technician and coach at Waypoint Gym. The amateur cycling team I’m with now is the Giant Columbus Cycling Team.

Why are you so obsessed with cycling? What makes you sustain your passion for this sport? What’s your motivation?

Other than being obsessed with speed on the bike, I need to practice cycling a lot to maintain my technique and fitness to perform well in races.

I get motivated by watching pro cycling races. While cycling on the road, I like to picture myself sprinting as fiercely as Peter Sagan, or climbing as fast as Alberto Contador or Chris Froome. When I’m riding a time trial, I imagine spinning high speed in a low resistance position. This meditation doesn’t just bring me pleasure, but also makes me ride faster.

Cycling’s become a major part of my life, whether I’m commuting or adventuring. I feel unique cycling on the road, and I get a sense of pride from this sport. Moreover, I don’t see the traffic and crowds in the city as obstructions. On the contrary, thanks to Taipei’s traffic and crowds, I’ve managed to enhance my cycling techniques. There is really a great deal of fun weaving through the jungle that is this city.

Why I join the RCC:

Beside Taiwan, I want to cycle all over the world. I find it great that the RCC unites like-minded cyclists as a worldwide cycling community. I also like to share the joy and knowledge of cycling with others, which happens to be what the RCC is doing. 

When RCC members go out together, we easily build good rapport, take turns beating the headwind in a paceline, and signal to fellow riders the dangers ahead. We help each other out when we bump into problems, such as a flat tire. The RCC is like a professional cycling team, in which everyone picks up his/her duty to dash across the finish line together. Each RCC ride turns out to be an incredible experience.

My impressions of Taipei

I grew up in Taipei. The city never stops changing and developing.

Taipei is a well-known food paradise, where you can easily find various delicious food, including exotic cuisines and authentic local dishes. You name it, we serve it. There is even more hidden gourmet in the alleys and in the crowded night markets. Taipei citizens have their own personal gourmet map, and with their help you’ll discover the best food.

Similar to many other cities, Taipei has busy traffic and millions of scooters. When you head downtown, you immediately get a feeling of Taipei’s busy tempo and rhythm. However, there’s also a sense of leisurely tranquility once you walk away from the commercial area into the residential area, where you see parks, meadows, and old buildings. You might be so surprised by the serene side of this city that you forget where you are.

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