Staff picks for 2017

We have some incredible destinations on offer, with a mix of trip types to suit everyone – from point-to-point adventures to five-day retreats in the mountains. Below, the Rapha Travel team has chosen the trips they’re most excited about from the 2017 calendar.


Retreat San Sebastian

Ride and recharge in stunning settings.

25th - 30th July 2017
Av. daily distance 80KM
Av. daily elevation 1,550M
Difficulty ▲▲


“The Basque Country has a long-standing (and fanatical) relationship with pro cycling, and we’ve worked hard to add San Sebastian to our Retreat destinations for 2017. Since I first visited many years ago, I always leave wanting to explore that little bit further. And with a landscape crisscrossed by deserted roads that collide dramatically with the Cantabrian Sea, it’s somewhere we’re sure will leave you feeling the same way too.” – Darius Alavi-Ellis, Head of Rapha Travel


Raid Norway

A pure cycling adventure.

25th - 30th July 2017
Av. daily distance 145KM
Av. daily elevation 2,500M
Difficulty ▲▲▲▲


“Norway is a step beyond. The gravel roads lead to the wilderness and the climbs lead to the sky, and as such, the Raid Norway is a trip for those not afraid of a challenge – but for those who take it on, generous rewards await. For me, it is these features that make Norway so special and why I’m thrilled to be able to offer the Raid as a feature on the Rapha Travel calendar. Norway is a true destination.” – Anton Blackie, Head Guide


Randonnée Pyrénées Direction Atlantique

The perfect point-to-point cycling adventure.

25th June - 2nd July 2017
Av. daily distance 122KM
Av. daily elevation 3,175M
Difficulty ▲▲▲▲


“Leaving the Mediterranean Sea behind on day one, you spend the next five days riding through (and over) the raw, wild beauty of cycling’s legendary Pyrenean cols before day six delivers you to Biarritz, and the Atlantic. There’s an intense physicality to the crossing; a tough challenge for body, mind and spirit. As a rider, one has a clear start, middle, and finish to the journey with each part providing its own highs and lows. Every day the roads are historic, the climbs intense, the views breathtaking, and the food fantastic.” – Victoria Craig, Soigneur


Retreat Tuscany

The perfect blend of riding and relaxation.

21st - 26th May 2017
Av. daily distance 90KM
Av. daily elevation 1,200M
Difficulty ▲


“Why do I enjoy riding in Tuscany? Because of the open roads, endless views, and rolling vine-covered hilltops that stretch into the distance and provide a vast network of quiet country lanes to explore. Travelling in this region is also an opportunity to combine my favourite things – the very best of riding, eating and drinking. Roll into any tiny hillside village and a warm welcome is guaranteed, and you’ll leave fueled by fantastic coffee. Plus, the cuisine is world famous, and fine wine is always waiting at the table.” – James Heraty, Head Guide


Randonnée Japan

The signature Rapha Travel experience.

3rd - 10th September 2017
Av. daily distance 145KM
Av. daily elevation 3,160M
Difficulty ▲▲▲▲


“This trip is not only a unique cultural experience, but an opportunity to see the real traditions of an amazing and friendly people. You’ll enjoy Ryokan-style accommodation, immersing you in the ancient culture this country is so proud of, while crossing many miles of challenging and rewarding terrain on our journey from Tokyo to Kyoto, where the contrast from busy city to tranquil countryside is intense. The Randonnée Japan takes us from Mount Norikura to the rugged Sea of Japan, where the climbs are steep and the pavement is world class. It’s a special journey and one you’re sure to remember.” – Ben Lieberson, Head Guide


Women’s Ascent Ventoux

Conquer a legendary col.

22nd - 25th June 2017
Av. daily distance 110KM
Av. daily elevation 1,750M
Difficulty ▲▲


“A women’s trip is particularity special because it’s never just about the bike. While Strava QoMs are precious, this trip is about relationships – and making sure the entirety of our sisterhood conquers The Giant. Mont Ventoux tugs at the heart and soul of every cyclist, but more importantly, it stirs up emotions in the ones who didn’t think they’d be able to reach the top. It’s a symbol of our individual challenges, but on this trip, we take it on together.” – Alison Testroete, Guide