Rapha Race Radio

Roadside dispatches from the best bike races in the world

Bike racing is bonkers. It is a sport as beautiful as it is ugly, as exciting as it is boring, as pure as it is tainted. And that’s why we love it.

This year, Rapha is going to take you roadside at the world’s biggest races, sending a team out to follow the professional sport in the most unprofessional way possible.

Filmed with the fans, we’ll drink with the Belgians at Flanders, take a shower in Roubaix, paint mountain roads in the Alps, and see whatever other mischief we can get up to (preferably without being arrested).

We’ll show you the best and the worst of the sport, taking you beyond the existing coverage to celebrate moments of heroism and panache, criticise the ills and excess, and ignore everything in between.

And, for one final treat each episode, we’ll be calling on the help of former Spring Classics legend Juan Antonio Flecha to tell us what the races are really like.

This is Rapha Race Radio. Unlicensed, unofficial, very often unrepeatable in print, RRR will start its regular dispatches next week at the Tour of Flanders. By the end of the season, we’ll have 20 episodes, a clapped out campervan and a clapped out crew in desperate need of some performance enhancement.

Over and out.


Meet the team

Three fans and one legend.