Adventure. Teamwork. Resilience.

Rapha Prestige

Unsupported and unmarshalled adventures across stunning terrain, the Rapha Prestige series calls for teams of riders to not just work together but stay together over challenging courses. Gather your team. Sign up to ride. Take on the challenge. 


Upcoming Events

This year, fifteen Rapha Prestige rides will take place around the world. From the hot springs and volcanic slopes of Kuju in Japan to the brutal Danish headwinds around the Ise Fjord in Copenhagen, the Rapha Prestige series will challenge riders across the globe. The routes will be tough and there may be obstacles to overcome, but the reward of completing a Rapha Prestige is always worth it. Open to all, and with a number of women-only rides, you can explore the 2017 global Prestige series below.


Asia Pacific




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– Everything I knew about cycling completely changed today.

Mami Hirowatari, rider at the women’s Prestige Kanazawa

To date, over 1200 riders from 300 teams have covered countless kilometres at Rapha Prestige events. From the roads connecting the hidden villages in the mountains of Taebek to the rim-deep, performance-hampering mud of Stafford’s canal paths, each Prestige offers something unique. The routes are as diverse as the riders that participate, and teamwork is essential. Finishing is one thing – it’s what you gain from the journey that really matters.



Grime and grins in Germany

– It started to feel like we were on some sort of amazing odyssey.

John Braynard, rider at the prestige Bohemia

The rain truly never really ended – it just rained less… or more. The trails quickly turned to grimy mudfests. Everyone’s brake calipers were filling with mud and the trails were just getting radder. At one point we were rolling across a wet root-filled single trail with our rear wheels slipping out every other pedal stroke. It was awesome.


Women's Prestige Kanazawa

Boiling bidons in Japan

– The only way to manage this toughest of challenges was by making progress one step at a time.

Mari Yano, rider at the Women's Prestige Kanazawa

The Noto Peninsula is one of the more remote areas of mainland Japan. A finger of land that juts into the Sea of Japan, earlier this year it was the setting for the Women’s Prestige Kanazawa. Skirting the coastal roads and climbing into mountainous hinterland of this region, 52 women covered the 151km route in conditions that pushed them beyond their limits.


CX Prestige Cannock Chase

Tales of mud from Staffordshire

– Caffeine induced madness.

Joe Thomas, rider at the CX Prestige Cannock Chase

On the 12th November 2016 18 teams of four assembled to ride the Rapha Prestige Cannock Chase around the lanes, fields and canal paths of Staffordshire. Our first off-road Prestige, the riders set out into the English drizzle where a new kind of challenge awaited…