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Rapha Prestige 2016

Unsupported and unmarshalled adventures across stunning terrain, the Rapha Prestige series calls for teams of riders to work together and more importantly, stay together over challenging courses.

Upcoming Events

— "Why’d Rapha decide to come here?"

This year, 26 Rapha Prestige rides will take place around the world. From the cattle-strewn lands of the American Midwest to the mountains of the Massif Central with the green pastures of England in-between, Rapha Prestige rides offer the challenge of riding and staying together across all types of terrain. The routes will be tough and there may be obstacles to overcome, but the reward of completing a Rapha Prestige is always worth it. Open to all, and with a number of women-only rides, you can explore the 2016 global Prestige series below.




Asia Pacific & Australia

The Rapha Prestige so far…

– “Yeah, I’m just walking it out.”
Rider at the Rapha Prestige Midwest, 2016.

To date, 1,024 riders from 256 teams have covered countless kilometres at Rapha Prestige events. From the windy farm roads of Wisconsin at the unseasonably cold Prestige Midwest, the crossing of three countries in one ride at the Prestige Bohemia, to the rolling gravel roads and the impromptu history lesson at Fort Nepean at the Women’s Prestige Merricks, each Prestige has offered something unique. The routes are as diverse as the riders that participate, and teamwork is essential. Finishing is one thing – it’s what you gain from the journey that really matters.


Prestige Bohemia

Grime and grins in Germany

The rain truly never really ended – it just rained less… or more. The trails quickly turned to grimy mudfests. Everyone’s brake calipers were filling with mud and the trails were just getting radder. At one point we were rolling across a wet root-filled single trail with our rear wheels slipping out every other pedal stroke. It was awesome.


Prestige Colorado

More Cows Than Cars

Steamboat Springs sits somewhat remotely in Northwest Colorado. Located in Routt County, nestled up next to the Continental Divide, which traces a long and mountainous line down from Montana to New Mexico, its location makes for spectacular riding. Moots, the frame manufacturer, played generous host to the Prestige and its 25 teams.


Women's Prestige Merricks

The Corkscrew and the Bubbles

Driving down the gravel road to the winery where the Rapha Women’s Prestige Merricks was to begin from, I was reminded of childhood jaunts on dust tracks, and the freedom of the country. It set the tone for what would be a wonderful day’s riding. Those gravel roads were the only type I knew as a child, and we’d be riding several of them on our 121km long adventure.


Prestige Niseko

The Rough and the Smooth

The experience of riding my first Rapha Prestige in Tasmania was enough to make me fall in love with a new kind of cycling adventure. The camaraderie, friendship and landscapes had me hooked. And Niseko was calling.