Adventure. Teamwork. Resilience.

Rapha Prestige

Take on an unsupported and unmarshalled adventure across stunning terrain. Gather your team and sign up to ride together on challenging courses across the world. Find new roads and forge new friendships at the Rapha Prestige series.

The Rapha Prestige series offers a unique challenge to riders across the globe from the rocky valleys of the Ozark Plateau in the United States to the ancient forests of Obihiro in Japan. Open to all, with a number of women-only rides, explore the 2018 Prestige series below.

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“To ride a bike is a good feeling. To ride a bike with your friends by your side is even better. A journey shared is so much richer, and riding through the mighty Italian Dolomites side by side, we felt like queens.”

Beth Hodge, Prestige Dolomites rider


The Rapha Prestige so far…

In 2017, nearly 800 teams covered countless kilometres at Rapha Prestige events. Whether you’re tackling the volcanic ranges of Eifel or testing Mallorca’s potential for adventure, each Prestige offers a unique challenge. The routes are as diverse as the riders that take part, and teamwork is essential.


Prestige Peak District

Northern grit

“When the tank is close to empty and you feel like quitting, knowing that you’re part of a team can be fuel enough to keep the legs turning.”

– George Tyson, rider at the Prestige Peak District


Prestige Taebaek

Hidden villages, mountain roads

More than 70 percent of South Korea is covered by mountains, and among this tightly knit network of ranges and river systems to the east of the Korean peninsula, the Taebaek mountains stretch all the way from the north to the southern coast.


Prestige Colorado

More cows than cars

Steamboat Springs sits somewhat remotely in Northwest Colorado. Located in Routt County, nestled up next to the Continental Divide, which traces a long and mountainous line down from Montana to New Mexico, its location makes for spectacular riding. Moots, the frame manufacturer, played generous host to the Prestige and its 25 teams.


Women's Prestige Merricks

The corkscrew and the bubbles

Driving down the gravel road to the winery where the Rapha Women’s Prestige Merricks was to begin from, I was reminded of childhood jaunts on dust tracks, and the freedom of the country. It set the tone for what would be a wonderful day’s riding. Those gravel roads were the only type I knew as a child, and we’d be riding several of them on our 121km long adventure.