Rapha Insulated Racewear

Warmth without weight

Warm and breathable, protective and lightweight; the new Rapha insulated racewear is for cold weather training and racing. Made using active insulation, you’ll stay warm and comfortable no matter how hard you ride.


A cold weather training jacket that can be worn over a base layer or jersey. Versatile and warm, with a race fit.


A close-cut, technical jacket for training in the cold. Features a reflective armband and two-way zip.


A packable gilet cut close for speed. The active insulation keeps you perfectly warm without overheating.


The perfect outer layer for your fastest rides in cool weather, with three rear pockets and a concealed zip valuables pocket.


Pro Team Insulated Jacket in Rapha Cycling Club colours with reflective detailing.


How active insulation works

Rapha first used active insulation in the Brevet Insulated range, which launched in mid-2016. Designed to perform in the wide range of temperatures typical of long-distance riding, the jacket and gilet became two of our most popular products. For this season, we have adapted the insulation to make the first racewear that keeps your temperature consistent regardless of tempo, from the start of your ride to the end.


Pre-ride // Warmth

Active insulation has an extremely high warmth-to-weight ratio – far better than puffy down insulation – so even if you’re outside waiting to start your ride, you’ll be warmer than in any other jacket or gilet of equivalent weight or bulk.


Setting off // Protection

The outer fabric of the jackets and gilets is windblocking and water-repellent, keeping the worst of the weather off your core. Perfect for starting out in harsh conditions.


Mid-ride // Temperature control

Active insulation is engineered for consistent comfort. Air is trapped in the insulation (which sits slightly raised from your skin), and circulates around your body to keep you warm. At the same time, the jacket or gilet regulates your body temperature by continuously releasing excess body heat before it builds. Our decision not to include an inner lining further improves this process. You won’t have to add or shed layers – a huge boost for racers on the move.


Intervals and races // Moisture management

The active insulation further shines during hard efforts. Since the synthetic fibres are inherently hydrophobic and the insulation has an open construction, the jacket or gilet resists all moisture and dries incredibly fast. You won’t wet out with sweat, even at full gas. This also means that when you’ve stopped your effort, you won’t freeze from cold air hitting a sweaty garment.


Long rides // Packability

If you’re on a long ride in the Spring or Autumn, the morning chill might turn to warm sun. Our active insulation is packable, so if the temperature gets too high you can easily roll the gilet or jacket up and store it in your back pocket.