Philippe Leboeuf

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Philippe's Ride

My favorite route is from Cernay to Dampierre via Vaux de Cernay in Vallée Chevreuse, one hour from Paris outskirts.

Distance: 72km
Elevation: 558m

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Tell us about your start with cycling.

As far as I remember, I started cycling to go to school. I lived in Vosges and the school was 8km from my house, downhill. It was a very fast descent, with a difficult climb back to the house.
I also travelled the Vosges for many years but unfortunately, I had to stop due to my doctor recommendation due to scoliosis. I then took up swimming and continue to practice both sports.

What anecdote of cycling history do you want to tell us about?

Probably when I worked as the General Manager at the Hotel de Crillon. I was immersed in Le Tour de France and I had the
privilege to see top cycling teams and meet champions like Cédric Vasseur and Lance Amstrong, with whom I am still quite close.

What were the first people you used to ride with? Who influenced you?

I started riding to school with friends, and also went for longer rides by myself with my mountain bike.
I can’t think of a person in particular. As many of us, I have been delusionned by some aspect of the sport and the media. I read a lot and still dream of the latest book from Rapha, “Journey” which contains beautiful photos.


Who is your bicycle role model?

My partner Pepita who is my copilot riding 200km on a tandem ride. It is a huge job riding with me!

What advice would you give to someone starting out in this sport?

It is a tough sport, I must say, but you should never give up. You have also to keep in mind that this sport needs time to really be able to appreciate it as it should be.

Coffee ride, paceline, or a three-day epic?

All three.

Coffee ride: At 6 o’clock in the morning, when Longchamp is quiet, I ride with three other friends.
Paceline: in France, Vallée de la Chevreuse, Vaux de Cernay
In London: Richmond Park.
In the US: Manhattan, George Washington Bridge to Route 9W, to Pierpoint (New Jersey), Nyakh (New Jersey)
Three-day epic: Corsica, north to south because of the wind.