The Peace Race

A special edition collection by Rapha

An era-defining bicycle race held behind the Iron Curtain after World War Two, the Peace Race sought to promote unity on a devastated continent. In homage, Rapha presents a luxury merino jersey with button-on arm-warmers, a silk scarf and an originally conceived board game.


The Jersey

Inspired by the jerseys worn by the race leaders, this luxury merino wool cycling jersey features a ‘Dove of Peace’ emblem and comes with button-on removable arm warmers.

The Game

Rapha has made an original Peace Race board game, which can be purchased online as an add-on with the jersey. A celebration of the 1952 edition of the race, this extremely limited collectable challenges players to compete as national team riders on a ‘race’ from Warsaw to Prague.


The Race

“Accompanied by 1,000 of Picasso’s doves, 94 cyclists rolled out of Warsaw one beautiful spring afternoon. Humble bike riders or otherwise, each was engaged in the realisation of a superlative idea, and in the reconstruction of a continent.”