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Ten exciting new Rapha Travel destinations

We looked out at the horizon, and then looked a little bit further, for a series of new Rapha Travel trips this year and next. After sending out our guides to find the most incredible places to ride a bike, they returned with a batch of exciting destinations unlike anywhere we’ve been before.

Join us and we’ll take you on an unforgettable journey. We’ll traverse dirt and gravel trails, head through rainforests and past volcanoes, from Africa and Australia to Central America and Eastern Europe, all via the greatest method of travel: on two wheels.

View the new destinations below, and register your interest for when they become available to book in a few weeks time.


New Randonnées

Make fresh tracks with Rapha Travel, enjoying the support and expertise that our customers have come to love and expect.


Georgia Randonnée


September 2018

Georgians follow the proverb that ‘a guest is a gift from god’. There might not be red carpets rolled out during this amazing seven-day ride – instead we’ll be rolling over a carpet of glorious gravel. With a helicopter transfer, extravagant ‘supra’ feasts to replenish stomachs and spirits, and a night camping under the stars, this is a special one. Places are limited, so be quick.

Photography: @eivissastef


Kenya Randonnée


December 2018

On the first Rapha Travel trip to Africa, we’ll traverse the continent’s iconic Great Rift Valley. This natural wonder is a deep crevice between two plates in the earth’s crust, making for an incredible landscape of deep lakes and high mountains. We’ll ride in the valley, join Kenyan pro cyclists out training, experience the Maasai culture, and hopefully see a big cat or two. An extraordinary ten-day off-season trip to blow the winter cobwebs well into spring.



Nicaragua Randonnée


January 2019

Howler monkeys and fresh-water sharks, crystal clear lagoons and active volcanoes – Ometepe Island is an exotic thrill. On this Central American adventure, we’ll clip in and blast along pristine pacific beaches before riding inland on dirt tracks through the rainforest. Then, at Lake Nicaragua, we’ll take the ferry over to Ometepe before returning to the coast. You’ll never have ridden anywhere like it before.

Photography: @marcgasch


Patagonia Randonnée


March 2019

Patagonia might sometimes feel like the end of the world, but ride here with us and it’ll feel like the beginning of a new one. Everything is on a grand scale: the lakes disappear into a horizon of blue and the mountains and volcanoes tower ever upwards. Riding mile upon mile of off-road tracks, and twice crossing the Andes spine, we’ll have more than earnt our dinners of Argentine steak or Chilean fish, accompanied by a glass or two of the spectacular local wine.



Tasmania Randonnée


March 2019

Tasmania has enough devilish climbs and heavenly landscapes to keep even the most adventurous of riders in raptures. On this seven-day trip we’ll ride under the iconic silhouette of Cradle Mountain and stay by the crystal red rocks of the Bay of Fires beach, all the while taking in the rolling hills, tranquil rivers and and rugged mountain wilderness of the region.

Photography: @beardmcbeardy


Colombia Randonnée


January 2019

After a rip-roaringly enjoyable first round of trips to Colombia in January this year, we’ll be returning next year for more of the same. 80km-long climbs, authentic ranch houses, and a journey into the heart of one of cycling’s great nations. This year’s trips sold out well in advance, so register your interest now if you want a place.

Photography: @erodriguezphotography



New Escapes

Find your perfect four-day getaway: great riding, delicious local food and wine, and on-the-road support from our dedicated team of guides.


Girona Gravel Escape

Photography: @tristantakephoto

August 2018

Hundreds of professional road riders might base themselves in the Catalonian town of Girona, but the off-road tracks here are even better than the tarmac. The granite mountains surrounding the city provide the perfect bed upon which to rock and ride on. We’ll tackle the wide, white tracks from the Costa Brava all the way up to the famous peaks of Rocacorba, Els Àngels, and more. Four days of fun, guaranteed.


Adelaide Escape

Photography: @bobbarrettphotos

October 2018

Join us to ride the beautiful rolling hills of Adelaide on a four-day Escape that takes in many of the same roads raced over at the Tour Down Under. We’ll pass the vineyards of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, sampling their finest produce in the evenings, and roll deep along the fruit orchard roads of the ‘Little Europe of Australia’.


Hobart Escape

Photography: @beardmcbeardy

October 2018

Starting out from Australia’s second oldest capital city, we’ll head straight up the 1,270m high Mount Wellington to enjoy the lookout and orient ourselves for the next few days of riding. Hobart is an interesting architectural blend of old and new, and it’ll be our base from which to explore the big mountains and coastal and river roads.


Noosa Escape

Photography: @bobbarrettphotos

November 2018

The cosmopolitan surf township of Noosa is fast becoming Australia's most popular place to visit during the winter months. Home to dozens of pro athletes and cyclists, its northern location on the coast provides the perfect climate for all-year riding. On this four-day trip we’ll pedal through tropical rainforests and alongside white sand beaches before heading into the hinterland to climb Black Mountain.


Hawaii Escape

Photography: @bsauber

December 2018

This circumnavigation of Hawaii’s Big Island will take riders on an unexpected journey from barren, snow-bound peaks to arid deserts, lush rainforests and the sparkling waters of the Pacific. We’ll take in roads from the tough Ironman course, and the formidable ascent of Mauna Kea – the second longest continuous road climb in the world. Off the bike, we’ll swim with turtles and visit coffee plantations. Aloha!

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