Made to move

All-new luggage for every trip

Rapha’s luggage has been completely redesigned to suit cyclists on the move, with each new piece made for trips of different lengths. Every pocket is purposefully placed, making belongings visible and accessible. Whether it’s the daily commute or a long weekend, there’s a new bag to meet your needs.

The Travel Backpack

Two sizes cover the day-to-day and overnight stays, with a fully reflective option to help you stay seen. The much-loved backpack has been redesigned for travelling and includes quick-access key pockets and thought-out internal dividers to keep you organised on the go.

Led by insights from pro riders and Rapha Travel customers, we've designed this range to simplify the process of packing and travelling with the bike.

Jon Freeman, designer

The Weekend Bag

Made for longer trips, the Weekend Bag opens fully so you can quickly access everything you’re carrying. A fast access top pocket keeps keys and travel documents to hand, and protective end pockets let you carry shoes and helmets away from your other luggage.

Many riders lay their kit out before a big ride. Seeing everything helps ensure nothing is left behind. The Weekend Bag was built around this ritual – everything has its place.

Jon Freeman, designer

The Wash Bag

Available in durable nylon and luxury leather, our new wash bag makes it easy to organise your toiletries. Inside, mesh pockets keep small items neatly arranged, and a removable clear bag keeps your liquids separate, perfect for fast-moving international travellers.

All the bags in the range share a common design language and material palette. They've been designed to fit the modern, refined aesthetic of our City collection.

Louise Crockett, designer

The Essentials Case

Rapha’s iconic everyday carry made weather resistant. The durable nylon outer is rainproof and robust, with an AquaGuard® water repellent zip to seal the deal, protecting your essentials on the move. Available in two sizes to fit a range of smartphones and more.