James Stinson

James “Jimmy” Stinson is a husband, a dad, a friend, and a cyclist, in that order. Having been involved with the Sydney Clubhouse and the Rapha Cycling Club Sydney (RCCSYD) chapter since its inception he feels blessed at how much this has impacted all other aspects of his life


James's Ride

In Sydney, you are spoilt for choice due to great weather and great inner city riding. I have a number of favourites but my current one is the Northside Grimpeur, which tackles the hills surrounding Mosman and Cremorne. Sure it’s the northside, but it offers four of the best climbs to rip yourself apart, providing a rewarding descent. It is also one of the most picturesque rides in Sydney, offering full views of Sydney Harbour and it’s surroundings.

Download the GPX route

I started riding five years ago because I wanted my family to have a healthy hubby and dad. I didn’t have much of a clue when I started, but I just loved feeling like I was 10 again. I rode mostly on my own, wore compression tights, and a yellow jersey thinking that’s just what cyclists do.

I still remember buying my first Rapha jersey for a dress-up party where the theme was ’something sporty’. It was red and white and probably the best looking jersey I had seen. Embarrassingly, I even thought for weeks after the purchase that I should start a Rapha Cycling Club in Surry Hills where we lived. Ironically RCCSYD opened just a few days after that dream.

Cycling has enabled me to find new friendships in the busy stage of life we are in. That’s really what gets me out of bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love cycling and the feeling of being absolutely spent after a great hill climb only to find you still have more in the tank a minute later. But getting to see, ride, and brew with the guys and girls each morning really is my (extroverted) motivation.

The Rapha Cycling Club has also been such a great place to welcome other new cyclists to the community in a way that doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable. Cycling is intimidating enough without people having to make that harder.

Recently I have started a cycling club for my daughter and her friends, taking them out after school each Wednesday. It’s so great to see my little girl loving the thrill of going fast around Centennial Park, and she loves that she can have women cycling heroes too.