Jake Stangel

San Francisco was the location for Rapha’s 2016 City shoot, shot by local photographer Jake Stangel.


Jake's Ride

"The best RCC rides are the long rides, rides with enough time for conversation and enough
distance to equalize everyone’s legs. This one is a classic Mt. Tamalpais tour, taking you north of the city over the bridge, tackling the winding hairpins of the mountain’s west side. Cycling is a lifetime endeavour, and rides like this remind you of that."

Distance: 57.5 miles
Elevation: 6,174 feet

Download the gpx route

He led the shoot’s cast across the city by bike, which resulted in the project’s out of towners getting a taste of the city’s odd weather. “We were riding up near Bernal Heights wearing t-shirts and jeans, and we were sweating through our shirts. Then we rode across to Twin Peaks, and we all started shivering and reaching for our jackets. It blew the other guys from London away that within just a mile or two the whole world could feel different.”


“When I fly back to the city, I always make sure I have a window seat. And every time I fly back to San Francisco, my nose is pressed up against the glass, looking out like a middle school kid with endless fascination. This is what makes San Francisco home for me. There’s so much to explore here, and cycling is the best way to do it.”