How to Wear It


Five ways to wear the new City collection

Layers are the building blocks of a city cycling wardrobe. At a basic and functional level overlaying clothing is an obvious way to exercise climate control as you ride. But the art of putting pieces together is a clever style statement too.

By its nature, city riding means frequent transitions between hot and cold environments and as such, every layer of an outfit should have purpose. Our City collection builds riding features into functional knitwear, modern essentials and finely tailored outerwear to create wearable pieces with the rigours of daily riding in mind. Versatile clothing with a sartorial edge, our garments can be worn in a variety of ways for life on and off the bike.


From thin to thick

As a general rule of thumb, make your first layer your thinnest and your outer layer your thickest. From a functional perspective this means that you can respond to your environment quickly, by removing or adding layers. A base layer should act as your first line of defence, wicking away moisture from your skin. A middle layer should trap warmth but allow air to circulate. And an outer layer or jacket serves as a barrier against the elements and stylish full stop.



The wonder of merino

Merino wool is one of nature’s miracles. Naturally breathable and odour resistant, the interior of the fibre is ‘hydrophilic’, meaning it retains water. When merino absorbs perspiration, it holds it in the fibre without the fabric being damp against your skin. Conversely, the outside of the fibre is ‘hydrophobic’ – it repels water. Add to that the fact it also absorbs UV radiation and it’s hard not to be at least a little impressed. Merino features throughout our City collection from knitwear to base layers and boxers. Keep it hidden or wear it as your outer layer.



The shirt as a layer

On the coldest of days your mid-layer counts more than ever and from a style perspective scaling up gives an outfit a sense of depth. Our Oxford shirts are a nod to a classic wardrobe staple and the casual style associated with the woven Oxford fabric.

Well-suited to a riding position, without sacrificing off-bike style, we’ve added a degree of stretch to provide flexibility across the back and side panels. Available in cotton for warmer weather and an insulating and breathable cotton and merino blend for a wider range of temperatures.



Make colours pop

The safest and sharpest way to wear colour is with a subtle nod. A glimpse or a hint from beneath a sweatshirt, a jumper or a jacket weaves a thread through an outfit and broadcasts your style credentials without shouting it from the rooftops. Our City collection is peppered with subtle hues – take the Long Sleeve Merino Polo in burnt orange or the Merino Zip Through in Dusty Rose. Or for a bolder statement take the Pack Jacket in Chartreuse – let it sing out from under the charcoal or navy tones of the Wool Wind Jacket. For the city cyclist, colour can also announce your presence on the road – the signalcuff, a turn-back cuff with hi-vis and reflective yarns features throughout our knitwear. Visible when you need it, easily hidden when you don’t.



Style out bad weather

Outerwear is more than just a barrier to the elements. It’s also a style proposition, especially for city cyclists. The new City range builds technology into outerwear in a subtle way, finding new ways to see off wind and rain and cold, whilst prioritising ventilation and breathability. For short trips in the city, a light, showerproof jacket like the Pack Jacket should be a constant companion – wear it on its own in mild weather or as a layer on cooler days. The Softshell Overshirt offers high stretch, durability and warmth with shower protection and the Hooded Rain Jacket borrows technology from our Pro Team Race Cape to keep you dry.