Ten tips to get you through the #Festive500

Are you ready to ride the #Festive500? Make sure you’re prepared for the challenge with our final checklist.


Plan Ahead

If you make a plan, you’re more likely to stick to it. Visit the #Festive500 page to find rides in your area, and sign up to ride with others this holiday season.


Pick up a Brevet Card

Chart your progress on a #Festive500 brevet card, which allows you to record mileage achieved on each of the eight days of the challenge. Pick up your free brevet card at any Rapha Clubhouse.


Wear the Colours

If you’re riding the #Festive500, show it. Rapha have produced a special range of #Festive500 kit to show your commitment to going the distance.


Condition Check

Preparation is key to an enjoyable #Festive500 . The last thing you want is for a mechanical issue to finish your challenge prematurely or for your legs to seize up under the strain of multiple days in the saddle. Get the bike serviced and make sure it’s in good working order, then take stock of the training you have done.


Fuel Up

The great thing about riding around the festive period is the abundance of food. It’s a great time to pack your pockets with the contents of the selection boxes you found under the tree and munch away guilt-free to keep you going that extra mile.


Follow the Rapha Strava Club

Follow our club on Strava for updates during the 8 days.


Use the #Festive500 Hashtag

Use the hashtag #Festive500 to ensure your fellow riders can find your updates. You can also use this hashtag to follow the progress of other participants.


Be Inspired

There will come a point when the devil on your shoulder will be telling you to sit in and feast on festive treats. That’s when you need some moral support. Take encouragement and advice from previous finishers on how they kept going. Visit our dedicated page.


Get the Excuses Ready

It can be tougher than you think and sometimes, with the best will in the world it’s not going to happen. So tell them you had a puncture, the dog ate your shoe or take inspiration from Rapha’s lead designer Graeme Raeburn and tell them the grease froze solid in your hubs (for him it actually did).


Tell us your Story

Stories win prizes so make a note of the memorable moments and the amusing episodes of your journey, and document your progress. Or create a film using your smartphone or bike camera. Then submit your account to us.



Now all it takes is to get out there and do it. We wish all participants a merry Christmas and a very happy and enjoyable #Festive500 .