Chan Nu

Chan Nu is well known as a local cyclist and fashion icon in Osaka. The embodiment of Kawaii in everything she wears, with an infectious smile that can be found at the vintage clothing store she runs in Ame-Mura or at cyclocross races all over Japan.


Chan Nu's ride

Located in the center of Osaka, Sankaku Koen (Triangle Park) is one of the most popular destinations in the city. Starting at the park in Ame-Mura (American-Village), passing through the Horie district, the ride heads down to Namba station where riders can experience the crowded Minami area where tourists, merchants and taxis all compete for space. Leaving that busy area, we continue pedalling through Macchamachi-suji and Teramachi to visit Shitenno-ji, the oldest administered temple in Japan, famous for its monthly antique market. As Osaka literally means 'Big Hill', this old part of the city has some of the best views. Heading west after reaching Daikokucho, the 4.3km straight road of Yotsubashi-suji leads you directly to the Rapha Clubhouse.

Distance:12.4 km
Elevation:+ 98 m
Time:2 hrs

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How did you get your start in cycling?

There was a local tailor I used to visit while I was at college. At that time one of the sales staff owned a fixed gear bike that I really liked. When I first saw it I went straight to the local bike shop and bought my own cross bike. For the first few years I only used my bike for commuting, eventually though I started watching some cyclocross races that a few of my friends were taking part in. One of my friends asked me ”Why don’t you try?” so I decided to give it a shot at my first race. After the first experience the whole race scene pulled me in. Then I began training on a road bike in between races, I can remember the first time we cycled in the mountains, I was wearing a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers with flat pedals!

Who were the first people that you rode with? How did they influence you?

It was the same friends who had invited me to go and watch their cyclocross race. They gave me some advice on how to improve my riding, become faster and took me training with them. I would often ride together with men, so there were times when it was tough for me to keep up without getting dropped, which eventually led me to explore more solo-rides. These rides definitely made me much faster on a bike. Before I started cycling, I would usually be out late at night drinking, but through cycling both my mind and body became much healthier.

What would you tell someone just starting out in the sport?

Go at your own pace. Ride whenever you want to ride and take a rest whenever you want to take a rest. You don’t always have to be competing against somebody else. Just stay at your own pace and enjoy the ride.

Who is your cycling role model?

I have a mentor who’s really shown me how to enjoy cycling and given me the opportunity to ride overseas. I am not sure if ‘respect’ is the right to word to describe them, but I certainly appreciate everything they’ve done to help me.

We’re writing a short description of your city. What can’t be missed from this description?

How should I describe my neighbourhood? The America Mura area of Osaka has a wide variety of people with a very unique fashion sense. The city itself is very international and exciting with a lot of multi-tenant buildings in the area, so you can discover something new with almost every step you take. More recently though, many hotels and shops aimed toward tourists have have started appearing, transforming the area into a fairly ordinary tourist spot. But our small clothes shop still stands out in this area where you can experience the feeling of nostalgia of the old days in Osaka.