Rapha Travel

Ben Lieberson on the art of escape on two wheels

Working with the team since its inception in 2012, Ben Lieberson has been instrumental in helping Rapha Travel develop into what it is today – the ultimate expression of our passion for the sport. His expertise as a ride leader is only exceeded by how stylish he looks while riding (he’s also a regular face in Rapha photoshoots), and here, Ben explains what it’s like to experience a trip with Rapha Travel.

At Rapha, we’re fans. And we want to share our love for cycling, so we’re constantly looking for the most exciting destinations and trips.

For guests, everything is looked after just as if they were on a professional team. When they come in from a day’s riding, we take their bikes, their recovery table is ready, they get a massage – it’s all standard practice for us. But it’s the personal touch that we work hardest on.

Guests don’t have to think about anything but riding. We have professional mechanics that service the bikes each night, their wheels and tyres have been checked, their laundry is done at the end of every day, bidons are filled whenever we stop. Whatever we can provide to make the experience simpler, we’ll take care of it.

The days that stand out are the ones that challenge you the most. It could be a lightning storm as we descend off the Pyrenees, or a blizzard on the top of the Stelvio, these are the days that stick with you. We have to work hard to make it seamless – but it’s these days that make memories.

They’re not professional cyclists, but they’re pushing themselves way beyond their limits. And they’re right where they want to be. Watching people come over the climbs and valleys and seeing their reactions is what taking people to these places is all about. We want them to come away feeling like they’ve experienced some of the world’s most exciting places to ride their bikes.

I grew up in North London – I didn’t know anything about mountains, but when I found them, I knew it was where I was meant to be. And riding bikes is one of the best ways of experiencing them. Cycling in the mountains not only lets you ride in all the legendary places that have featured in the sport’s great races, it also provides an opportunity to tune out of your life and get in touch with nature and the power of it.

Join Rapha Travel in 2017 and explore some of the most beautiful, challenging and unforgettable roads in the world. A range of exciting new destinations and trip types to suit all abilities are available to book now.