Andrea Schilirò

“One of the best things about Milano is that even if you are in the middle of the city, you need travel no more than 10km to be completely surrounded by rice fields, on roads with no traffic even at 8.30 in the morning when everybody gets into the city to work, and you are there pushing 45kph or just chilling as fresh as a spring early bird.”


Andrea's Ride

A ride of 55/60km south on the canals, taking the cycle path from Corsico and Trezzano up to Caggiano, then following secondary roads with little traffic through Cusago, Cisliano, Robecco and then from Abbiategrasso to Milan.

Distance: 71 km
Elevation: 123 m

Download the GPX route

Tell me about your start with cycling.

When I was a kid, BMX. I liked to do street and dirt, then when I moved to Milan I felt the need to cycle in the city. From the simplicity of a BMX brakeless, I built a fixed gear bike, then slowly I started to have more and more desire to ride, travel, compete. From crazy trips and alleycats to triathlon, I was thrilled with the road bike. And here I am to trying to ride as much as possible, to race both on the road and in cyclocross, and to live as much of my life with my bike.

What anecdote of cycling history do you want to tell us about?

I have never followed cycling, as I have never followed any sport in particular. I like to do things, not look at them.

Who were the first people you used to ride with? Who influenced you?

I started on my own, then I started to involve friends because I thought cycling was a fun thing. We had fun cycling around town with fixed gear bikes, racing in traffic jams at peak times, then getting out on Sunday mornings to make longer laps.

Who is your bicycle role model?

Whoever enjoys menare [Italian slang for the love of fast bikes] and who enjoys fun, a perfect example is Elisa, my girlfriend – she’s riding fast and always laughs!

What would you tell someone who is starting out in this sport?

I would say to start with the cyclocross, it’s one of the funniest things in the world of cycling, you’re playing like a baby in the mud, learning to ride, and it doesn’t hurt when crashes happen.

Coffee ride, paceline, or a three-day epic?

It depends, usually paceline, sometimes coffee rides (with no coffee) and some three-day epics somewhere in the mountains with friends!