Alessandro Trovati

“Milan is the city where I grew up and one that I know by heart. I know the shortcuts and the less travelled road close to my place that allows me to train when I don’t have that much time. I know where to go when I need peace and solitude. Milan is magic. Milanese people said that when they are in the city want to escape, when they are far away they are missing it a lot.”


Alessandro's Ride

My favorite route is from Milan to the Madonna del Ghisallo - a ride of around 140km going via Monza, Lake Segrino, Ace, Bellagio and climbing to the top of Ghisallo. The ride is beautiful and varied and hard, with climbs, descents, and plains. The lake is with you the whole time.

Then you return to do "a tutta" in the plains, to Milan.

Distance: 140 km
Elevation: 1990 m

Download the GPX route

Tell us about your start with cycling.

Since my childhood I have always “breathed” cycling. My grandfather sponsored the first green jersey of the Giro d’Italia in the 60s and 70s. The old director of the tour, Vincenzo Torriani, also witnessed my parents’ wedding.

As a child I was passionate about seeing the races on television in Moser and Saronni’s time. Since then, I’ve always followed cycling.

What anecdote of cycling history do you want to tell us about?

An anecdote that I still remember is the arrival of Moser at the Arena in Verona. I was lucky enough to follow the cycling for work – I photographed 20 Giros and 5 Tours. The most staggering episode was Marco Pantani’s triumphal ascent to the Alpe di Pampeago when I was lucky enough to immortalize him from the motorbike while he was taking a sponge from a fan and refreshing his face.

What were the first people you used to ride with? Who influenced you?

The first people with whom I pedaled were members of the Turbolento, in particular Paolo Tagliacarne and Paolo Calabresi. But my real start was when I was a kid. I was on holiday with my parents at the sea, and I met a group of very strong Belgian boys riding on bicycles. I saw them leaving in the morning from the hotel and inside of me I thought … I want to do this sport as well!

Who is your bicycle role model?

My bike role model is Vincenzo Nibali. A humble winner who has won all three Grand Tours.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in this sport?

Never give up. It’s a unique and exciting sport and full of incredible memories. It’s also a life school.

Coffee ride, paceline, or a three-day epic?

My soul is competitive. I have always done races as a boy, then Gran Fondo and now long distance triathlon and IRONMAN – so paceline. But a coffee ride is nice every now and then, to get away with friends and admire breathtaking scenery.