The Road to NAHBS

These boxes of goods are being packed, and re-packed apparently, for a little event that we get excited about each year. That’s right, it is time for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, this year taking place in Richmond, Virginia.

We will be fully (and openly) participating in the show this year with our very own booth. Said booth will be stocked not only with some of our new Spring Summer 2010 range but also the most recent offerings from Rouleur Magazine including the 2009 Photo Annual. As you can see here we are literally bursting at the seams with pink t’s.

We have made quite an effort over the past few years to work with as many of these custom framebuilders through The Rapha Continental. The Continental was built around the exploration of the countryside astride the steel (and a little ti too) workings of these great builders. Which is exactly why we have taken to crafting our booth around the same principles.

Another facet to the weekend is going to be riding. We had a hard time struggling with the idea that we would visit a new part of the country, with our bicycles no less and not go for a bike ride. So, with a little bit of digging we uncovered Carytown Bicycle Company who were gracious enough to help us put together a Gentleman’s (and Women’s) Ride for early Sunday morning. More information can be found here on the Rapha in Richmond page.

But there is also you that I am concerned with. So tell me what you want to see? Interviews with builders? Well, that is on the agenda. Beautiful hand crafted bicycles? There might be a few of those around as well. What am I missing?