Ride with Ride Studio Café

_Photos by Dan Sharp_

The Rapha Condor Sharp team really did get the chance to see a good portion of the United States due to the volcanic ash-cloud. They were stuck on this side of the pond so we decided to take them on a tour of the East Coast. After a short stint in Connecticut for some training they were on their way to the Boston area to participate in both the Turtle Pond Circuit Race and the Quabbin Road Race. Ride Studio Café in Lexington Center, Massachusetts, which was recently opened as an official Rapha dealer, played host to their arrival in the Boston area.

The RSC did a great job of creating a wonderful atmosphere for the guys upon their arrival in Boston. They led a casual ride out of Lexington and headed out past Hanscom Air-force Base, looping up and through the hills surrounding Concord and Lexington. It was a great group that included bike industry people from Pedros, Seven Cycles, the Embrocation Team, Svelte Cycles and some good friends from the Selectism universe. See Clarence’s photos from the evening on his Flickr »

Besides the nice send off that they provided for the Rapha guys, RSC have been doing some great events over at their Lexington location. A weekly Sunday morning ride is scheduled as well as photo exhibitions. Keep an eye on the RSC Blog for upcoming events.