Rapha at the Races

I was more than thrilled to see Dan Sharp out racing his bike this past weekend. After a slight mishap during the Wednesday night training race at Alpenrose Dairy we were unsure if he would find a rig in time for Sundays action.

Turns out Dan had previously ordered a Tony Pereira custom Cyclocross bike to carry him through the season. Well, Tony literally raced through the final preparations in getting it ready. The bike is cream-colored perfection and accented by a few of the Pereira finishing touches. Check out the rear brake stop.

Didn’t get to snap as many pics as I would have liked, but I figured I would let Mr. Sharp collect himself as his race had just ended. His final placing on the day was fourth.

But it brings up a good question, are you familiar with Dan’s work? You can check his website (his cycling photography is the bees knees) for what he is working on at the moment, or you can click through the Rapha Continental section of this site to see what else he has shot. Stevens Pass is a great example of this, Cycle Oregon, Dufur, Gibralter, Cloudburst, New Paltz, he shot them all.

As illustrated in the photos, Dan Sharp also has impeccable style as he sports his Club Jersey (I miss this colorway) and Armwarmers (that come with the Classic Jersey).

Maybe he was not aware that we have a whole line of clothing just for such a sport? Check out the line of Cyclocross Clothing.