Oregon Manifest: Top of the Hill

There were two checkpoints en route to the finish of the Oregon Manifest Constructors Challenge presented by Rapha. The purveying idea was that the race would be something to the effect of everyone riding to a party. The racers had to carry their party clothes with them and stop at two pickups along the way. The first for beer, the second was a food stop.

Carey S.H. was stationed at the top of the climb and handing a six pack of beer created for the event by the Hub Brewery. She took these photos of the riders stopping to pick up their allotted six pack. Part of the challenge was getting the beer to the party in drinkable condition. This meant making sure that the bottles did not break, and holding off on drinking the still frosty IPA’s.

There were many ways that people attempted to get their beers to the finish. Curtis Inglis, the man behind Retrotec put his in a Freight Baggage front rack mounted bag. One will note that not only does the bag match his kit, but it holds quite a lot of accoutrement as well. Things like his polka-dot boxers and amazing podium shoes.

Joshua Simonds took a different approach, choosing to individually protect each glass bottle of the precious liquid refreshment. Given that the next 5 miles were a straight up gravel descent, probably a good idea on his part. After completing the ride, Joshua promptly got off his Curt Goodrich steed and dressed up as the Jolly Green Giant.

Dan Boxer took a different, albeit French approach, choosing to cart his beer in what looks to be a Gilles Berthoud bag (which proved to be the bane of my existence while working at Harris Cyclery years ago, as they were incredibly hard to find.) The toughness of this guy astounds me because he crashed soon after this photo was taken and still managed to be the first competitor to complete the 77 mile course.

Everyone was required to make this stop and some competitors made it no further. However, a good times were had by all. Next years challenge will be sure to include more of the same combined with tough cycling and more great people.

Now check out the Oregon Manifest website for upcoming events.