Oregon Manifest: Steve Francisco Style

Steve Francisco was geared up for his bid at the first ever Oregon Manifest Constuctor’s Challenge Race (presented by Rapha.) The Parlee custom trailer that he is towing uses a Chris King headset for the pivot point on the trailer hitch. Interesting take on that which looks to be part of a rear triangle from another bicycle? No idea what the overall weight was, but after lifting all of the builders bikes into the back of the loading van this was by far the lightest. Not only was Steve decked out in the latest in carbon trailer technology but he was looking the part as well.

Here is his full get up.

Fran is sporting the Rapha Condor Stowaway Jacket. The morning at Vernonia High School started out a little brisk, so this choice was easy seeing as the Stowaway is the lightest and most packable when it comes to jackets.

Classic Jersey it may be hidden under the jacket, but it is still there, and you may not be able to see it at the moment, but the Silk Scarf is barely, almost imperceptibly peeking out above the collar of his jacket. And while you are contemplating the Silk Scarf take a look at what our good friend Kaiko has been doing with it each Friday.

Bib Shorts looking ahead to hours in the saddle makes these bib shorts not only an obvious choice, but a practical one too. Not to mention that ProTan lines go well with Pro Mitts. I guess that just makes sense though. This tan line is enough to make everyone a little jealous and consider a few more hours in the saddle (or in the case of Jon Cannings under a bottle of self tanner.)

Pro Team Mitts go well with the Rapha Condor Stowaway.

Fran was also utilizing the Pro Team Socks to round out his “pro-ness” and as Guy Andrews told me every morning that he saw me out with my tall navy blue socks “they should be white and not so tall.” And let me tell you, that guy knows Pro.

Not sure how the Oregon Manifest could handle all of this Pro-ness in one rider? Keep checking back for a view from the course and to find out how Fran made out. I was driving the SAG wagon, Carey SH was stationed at the Beer Pickup Zone and Slate Olson traversed the course in Race Director style.