Oregon Manifest: Day One

The Oregon Manifest is here. By 6pm tonight it should be in full swing. However, a couple of the bikes have stopped by the Rapha office offering a sneak peak into what looks to be a pretty amazing show. It is great to see some of the innovations that these builders have come up with.

The two that I have seen are a Circle A, all the way from Providence Rhode Island and Tony Periera’s Blue Steel from here in Portland. They both have a few amazing little tricks to them.

Circle A

Pereira Cycles

Tony Pereira’s much talked about Manifest bike has a few little tricks up its sleeve, so to speak. If you look at the photo below you will not only see a signature Pereira stem, but also what looks to be a key to a u-lock sticking out the side.

This is part of the Manifest show that is exciting. The innovation that the builders have put into the making of each bicycle. Stay tuned for more of that coverage.

Rapha Continental at OM:

The Oregon Manifest Constructors Race presented by Rapha is another facet of the show that is kicking off tomorrow morning. Each of the builders represented have entered their bikes into the challenge. We are proud to say that there is a good amount of Rapha Continental representation amidst the race and show in general.

Steve Francisco flew all the way out from Burlington, Vermont to take part. It is great to see representation all the way from the East Coast and he’ll be lining up alongside two other New England legends – Mr. Christopher Igleheart and our good pal David Wilcox will be riding the Circle A above. From the Westerly side of things we see not only Tony Pereira but Sycip and Signal as well.