Oregon Manifest: Constructors Challenge Race

Back to the regularly scheduled Oregon Manifest coverage. Steve Francisco was the easiest target for the early coverage because I know him so well. CEO, maybe, but family man first. We rode hundreds and hundreds of miles together this summer so it is easy to comment on his “Pro-ness.” Take it very, very seriously. However, Steve was not the only one that did the Constructors Challenge Race (and he didn’t win either – sorry).

Standing around at the start of the race is where I got the best stuff (with the help of Carey and our new pal and Roller Race Champ Craig Etheridge). Then my camera died and I needed to focus on not running down any of the riders on the infamous Otto Miller Climb. The gravel gets a little sketchy on the seven miles that you need to traverse to the top. However, the start was a star-studded event.

In an interesting twist of circumstances Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea was the pilot for this beautiful Ahearne bicycle. I was also amazed with this Metrofiets and the simple fact that this guy was able to power this beast over 77 miles with roughly 5,000 feet of climbing.

The Donkelope was one of Slate’s favorites out of Bellingham, Washington.

The Circle A which was piloted by my good friend David Wilcox from Broadway Bicycle School in Cambridge, Massachusetts was one of my favorites on the day. It is hard to see from this angle, but they installed a spring loaded spoke, that functioned as a tire cleaner, into the fenders. Amazing little invention. Not only that, but David is a badass mechanic and solid on the riding end of things too. He finished second in the overall.

Tony Pereira’s Locking Bicycle was piloted by the man himself and was the overall Winner in the Design Competition. You can see video of the bicycle in action over here. It was great to see some of these builders out riding their creations. People like Retrotec’s Curtis Inglis for example.

I loved seeing Curtis out there. Every time I see him he cracks me up and always has smiles to go around for everyone. He gave me a custom branded Retrotech toothbrush this weekend as well. Last year at the show he came to the Manifest with T-shirts that said “Made In Napa Valley, Not Portland, OR.” Thank you Mr. Inglis for having an amazing sense of humor. Way to keep it light and fun (and he had some great podium shoes as well).

Another one of these builder-rider scenarios was Mr. Igleheart himself. I’ve known this man for a number of years now (was the one who convinced him to take on this crazy endeavor) and was thrilled to see how excited he was not only on the start line, but also at the finish.

This is the bike that was ridden to third place overall and also had the honors of being first back to the venue (they were sent in waves). Dan Boxer hails from the Seattle area as well and made a pretty amazing and slick looking Rando-Style bike. Read his own account of the last few miles here. What a great ride from a great guy, and he crashed too.

I don’t know if anyone had much of an inkling as to what they got themselves into, but from the start line it was all laughs, jokes and Lisa May Olson’s fabulous Zucchini Bread (sorry Cougette). The view from the top of Otto Miller was a little different…

Which way to the Top of Otto Miller Carey?