NAHBS: Breadwinner Cycles

“Wait, is that a downtube shifter?”

I thought when I saw the cross bike sitting in the workshop of Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan. The Voltron of bicycle frame building (defenders of the handbuilt bicycle universe, if you will) — otherwise known as Breadwinner Cycles — invited me into their shop one day last week. They were readying their new bicycles, fresh out of  the paint shop, for the most recent edition of the North American Handmade Bicycle show, which takes place this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina.


They were excited about their new bicycles, but also very cautious about what would be leaked before the show kicked off this coming weekend. So, without revealing too much, we took a ‘macro-focus’ tour of their shop and new models being lovingly prepared for this year’s showcase of the best American-built rigs.


There is a new one called the ‘B-Road’ that Ira built specifically for himself and another called the ‘Bad Otis’ which Tony built to suit his particular style of riding.

Ira needed to build a bike for himself to take on the upcoming Oregon Outback ride/ race that will happen at the end of May. The 360 mile, mostly dirt, course is well suited to Ira’s particular tastes. He even became a bit excited when talking about the event and was not shy about his intentions of being one of the first to cross the finish line. Don’t quote us on it, but there’s a chance that Ira Ryan will be ‘going for it’ this year.


For Tony’s bike the tires are a little bit wider than the Continental Bike he built for himself all those years ago. He too became excited when it came to describing just how this bike was built exactly to his specifications – a little more slack here – but with the technology to back it up…

Suffice to say I’m excited for everyone who’ll see the full reveal at the show.


Another great aspect of Breadwinner Cycles is their emphasis on simple, elegant paint jobs. A small pin stripe or just a touch of cream text is all they need to make their bikes stand out. If you are in Charlotte this weekend, make sure to head over to the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show to see Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira hopefully bring home the bread.

If, like us, you are stuck thousands of miles away — stay glued to ProllyIsNotProbably. John Watson will continue to showcase all that is good, great and better at the NAHBS this year.