Interbike 2010: Cross Vegas

Photos by Dan Sharp

The time has come. Each year the “Start of the Cyclocross Season” is a hotly contested battle. One party, usually from the East Coast says that it happens with the kick off of the Verge New England Series. Others, generally from the West Coast, cite last weekends Starcrossed as the perfect commencement. But what happens if they meet in the middle?

There is no disputing that Interbike’s Cross Vegas is really where the kid gloves come off. The road season has officially ended and the Cross riders who make their seasons possible by racing on the road are free to officially — do their thing.

Well, if that is the case, then tomorrow night is the night. Rapha and FOCUS Bikes have come together to present you with yet another reason to pay attention to this illustrious race — not to mention that Yakima Racks has put together a fire-breathing, laser shooting, giant preying mantis — but that is beside the point. Cylocross is now, that is the point.

If you have been watching the release of the current Autumn/Winter collection you may have gotten a quick glimpse of both Chris Jones and Zach McDonald as they show off the seasons new Cyclocross offerings. Follow along this season with Team Rapha FOCUS.