The first time Christopher Igleheart asked me to go with him to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, I was completely floored. This artisan, this builder from the ground up, had asked me, the bike shop lackey, to attend the show with him. Or possibly it was the other way around. I could have suggested at least one hundred times that I would be the perfect partner at that show; I had ridden one of his bikes, I knew the difference between a powder-coat and wet paint from a mile away, and I would be great to interact with potential customers, I promised. Well, however it happened, I was allowed to attend the San Jose show with him and from there it was a friendship forged in bicycle parts. We made bicycles (well he made them, I rode them) for our cyclocross team and Mr. Igleheart continued to support our crazy endeavors. In fact, if you have been following along with the Rapha Continental you may have seen this Igleheart. Both “Hott” Sam Richardson and Dan Langlois have conducted numerous adventures on frames that he welded for them.

But there is bad news. More recently, Mr. Igleheart was hit by a car during his bike commute home from the shop. He spent a few nights in the hospital and has sustained some pretty major injuries from this accident — a broken leg that may require some surgery. Needless to say he does not have medical insurance and has been left to foot the bill himself.

This Friday night we will host a screening of a film including Mr. Igleheart by James Wilson in our Portland, Oregon office. This film screening will double as a fundraiser for Chris Igleheart and a long list of donors have already stepped up with some fantastic prizes – check the flyer. If you are interested there are donations being accepted at www.IheartIgle.org. If you wish to participate in the raffle remotely, Swobo bicycles are selling a limited number of tickets, so hurry over there (you could win a Breadwinner Cycles Continental frame). Swobo Raffle Tickets If you are in Portland, please join us at the Rapha office at 6pm.

Entry is $20 and includes one raffle ticket.