Fausto Coppi and Plenty of Coffee

The Giro d’Italia, Fausto Coppi and coffee. That is the week we’ve had here in London. Last night we launched a month-long exhibition celebrating Il Campionissimo, the greatest cyclist of the post-war era.

Downstairs at the Rapha Cycle Club, the show hosts three period-correct Bianchis from the early 50s and various magazines, books, prints and memorabilia.

To fuel our curation of the exhibition this week we indulged in Nude Espresso delicious brews (Nude being the resident coffee, drinks and food supplier to the Cycle Club). Taking inspiration from Il Campionissimo, Nude are now serving “Coppiccinos” (or “Coppiccini” if you want to be more accurate). Ultan Coyle, the man responsible for creating the Coppiccino, took it one step further and created a Fausto Coppi apparition, made from Nude’s coffee powder, on the wall. Perhaps he drank one too many “Coppiccini”.

Further more, today an old friend pulled into Perren St. That friend being our beloved H-Van (the original one that once drove the entire Tour of Britain route). New and improved (well it runs at least), the van is now fitted with a side-hatch and (wait for it…) a deluxe coffee machine. So, we indulged again and you can too if you make it to Hog Hill this Saturday, where the van will be sitting pretty and serving delicious brews. Maybe even a Coppiccino or two.