Bec CC Hill Climb 2009

Wei-Ho Ng digs deep

The 54th Bec Cycling Club Hill Climb took place on Sunday 11th October. Held on White Lane or ‘Titsey Hill’ near Westerham in Kent, the event is a 700yard dash up a narrow country lane that includes a 25% section towards the top. This 1 in 4 part of the climb is where the majority of spectators line the road, shouting encouragement and blasting air horns as climbers battle against gradient and gravity. Traditionally a fixed gear is used on such an ascent but modern 10 speeds now outnumber those riding on single speed machines. Rapha sponsored the hill climb and fielded a team of four to ‘test’ the hill and sent a few others to take photos and scream riders on.

G. Raeburn used the climb to shake off his post-CCC cold

The only way

It was clear from the two hours that was spent cheering the riders on in the autumn drizzle that passion for the bike is exactly why this event exists. The narrow and cloistered road made for an intimate but brilliant atmosphere and is a fantastic contrast to the Champs Elysees or Via Roma. The feeling of fighting your way up the last 50 or so yards, spurred on by the screaming crowd is a somewhat primal affair and there were plenty of great ‘war faces’ on display. Lungs burning, heart drilling and legs on fire, what a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Photography by Ben “bottler” Brown

Big thanks to Garry Beckett and Bec CC.


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