Three years ago David Trimble had a birthday and rather than just cakes and ice cream, he and some friends raced the quiet cobbled streets in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood. Last year, even under the watchful and I’m sure curious eye of the NYPD, the second edition of the Red Hook Criterium blasted for 20 laps over the Beard Street cobbles. Again, David took second at what is technically his own race. So this Saturday night, sometime around 11pm, you can expect that David will be battling for a top spot against an amalgamation of road racers, track men (and women) and messengers from the always competitive and always fun, Brooklyn and NY riding scene.

If you are lucky enough to be around Brooklyn this weekend, David and friends have organized an art exhibition that opens Thursday and runs through the weekend in conjunction with the criterium. ‘The Unifying Machine’ is a collection of work showing the connection and community of the bicycle.