Festive 500 – 2013


24th – 31st December 2013

Submissions and badge registration now closed.

Once again, Rapha in partnership with Strava is challenging riders around the world to clock 500km between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in 2013. From the 24th until the 31st December, we’re inviting you to break the 500 ‘clicks’ barrier and receive a commemorative Festive 500 woven badge**.

In previous years, some riders have completed the entire challenge in one day, while others have gone the distance, then doubled it, notching more than 1,000 kilometres in the allotted time.

Tell your story

However, we’re not only interested in how fast you go or how far you can push yourself. What we want to see are interesting stories, creative ways of documenting each ride and a conscious display of style on your journey.

To enter, simply register on Strava, then show us evidence of your endeavours via the following methods: Strava, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, personal blog (or regular mail), using the hashtag #festive500


The rider who sends us the most creative record of the ride will win a place on a Rapha Cent Cols Challenge in 2014. We will be announcing several other great prizes for creativity and ride bravado shortly, please stay tuned.

Ride with others

Rapha Cycle Clubs will be also hosting rides throughout the Festive 500, so why not come along and join us. For details of rides from your nearest Club, visit: rapha.cc/cycle-club

Follow the Festive 500

Here’s how you can follow the #festive500 on social media, and participate online wherever you are in the world.

To keep up to date on the most important updates, announcements, content, and featured stories around the event, follow:

To discover the most interesting #festive500 stories happening in your region, follow:

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Lastly, for information about organised local rides that will be taking place from our Rapha Cycle Clubs in the UK, US, and Australia, follow:

A brief history

In December 2009, Graeme Raeburn, Rapha’s Chief Product Designer, decided to ride 1,000 kilometres in a week. Rather than “sitting on my backside eating chocolates”, he went out and, between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, rode more mileage than even the most dedicated pros.

The following year, Rapha decided to introduce this idea to the rest of the world. Deciding 500km was more than enough, the challenge was dubbed the ‘Festive 500’. A road riding phenomenon was born.

** To receive a badge riders must register their details on this page once the challenge has been completed.

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