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Rapha Amsterdam

Between the famous canals woven into the the heart of the 9 streets, the Clubhouse Amsterdam welcomes road cyclists from every continent. Tales of glory, pain or suffering transcends their memory in this historical neighbourhood. This reminisce of Golden Age Amsterdam brings a charming mixture of designer boutiques, art galleries, charming eateries and great ambience. The cycling infrastructure opens up unlimited possibilities for exploring the city or the nearby surrounding countryside with its endless roads. The Clubhouse and the city offer a perfect starting point for a ride which embraces both new and old explorations.

Rapha Amsterdam Events

The Clubhouse will screen all major road racing throughout the pro tour calendar. In addition to live race screenings we host a variety of other events. These pages are in…

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Pre Giro Special with Erik Dekker (Rotterdam)

Launch collection & insides shared by Erik Dekker - 03 May - 19:00

To celebrate the start of the Giro and our new Rapha line, inspired by one of the greatest Giro riders of all time. We will have an Italian themed… read on »


These pages are in English to accommodate our international audience. If you have any questions and would like to discuss in Dutch, please do not hesitate to contact the Clubhouse…

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Morning ride

- Wednesday, 9:00am

Open to all who are looking for a morning before starting work or after dropping the kids off at school. With a fixed course along the Ronde… read on »


Rapha Amsterdam Cafe

The cafe is the heart of the Amsterdam Clubhouse. Whether it is for breakfast before a ride, refuelfling after a ride or just for a cup of coffee and a…

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