New LeMond Bicycles

Another aspect to the Greg LeMond exhibition, and one that should not be overlooked, are the inclusion of three of the newest additions to the LeMond bicycle heritage. Launched late last year at the Interbike trade show, the line of carbon bikes quickly caught the eye of collector and rider alike. LeMond himself was known for his innovations in the bicycle realm and this collection is no different.

Partnering this time around with TIME Bicycles carbon engineer Jean Marc Gueugneaud (who helped Greg develop the first carbon bike to win the Tour) the trio of bicycles are just inside the Rapha Cycle Club NYC entrance. They are to pay tribute to his Tour wins and each of the bikes is styled in keeping with those victories.  Upon first glance you may not even notice a difference between the three – aside from the small numbers ’86, ’89 and ’90 – they all have the same bold yellow top tubes. Sure, one of them has an integrated seatmast, but each have their own unique flair.



This was the first time that an American had won the Tour. Historic in and of itself, but what is interesting to note with this bike is the emphasis on the “combination” jersey that is represented within the bike. The polka dots from the climber’s jersey are inside the front fork, and the remainder of the jersey colors line the inside of the rear triangle. Greg Was the winner of this jersey in both 1985 and 1986.


This year’s Tour remains, to this day, the narrowest winning margin in the history of the race. It would only be fitting that the yellow fades into purple, representing his ADR team from that year. This was a year that would also mark Greg’s return to the sport after a near-death hunting accident. This too remains a fitting steed to mark the return, once again of the brand, but also the man himself.


Greg LeMond started the 1990 Tour with the rainbow stripes of the World Champion on his back. His Team-Z teammates were riding LeMond bicycles, which he would pilot to another first ever — the first time an American bicycle brand had won the Tour.  A small “Z” insignia adorns the fork of this bike in represntation of the Z Vetements Enfants clothing company that was the main sponsor for the team that year. He is still the last reigning World Champion to win the Tour.

These bicycles are on display at the Rapha Cycle Club NYC – 64 Gansevoort Street – for the entirety of the Greg LeMond Exhibition. Make sure to stop by and peruse the new collection as well as taking the time to behold the vast ephemera that has been collected and placed throughout the club.

Many thanks to the LeMond family.