MCC Europe: A Date with Dario

words: Aimar Fraga Angoitia | photos: Muriel Bouhet

On our way to the French Alps, ahead of the Tour de France craziness, the MCC Europe spent some of the most valuable minutes any pure bicycle lover might/should ever have. The greatest framebuilder alive, Mr. Dario Pegoretti, together with Pietro and the rest of his team, welcomed us to their Caldonazzo workshop and sanctuary.

Once you’re in front of such a legendary character, words don’t come easily (especially when only Italian is spoken), but knowing the man, we came prepared. With some good food and drink, a discussion about soccer and include talk of women and there you go with the most holy of trinities. Part of the winning combination goes on the table in its German delicatessen version (wurst, beers, schnapps…) and Dario takes care of the saucisses as a preliminary advice to what will happen to the German team against Italy in the euro-cup semifinals, eating all raw!

Then, after a proper espresso (fast and short) and some random non-bicycle talk (rule no.7: ‘never talk about the master’s speciality’), Dario takes control of the MCC for his next holiday around Europe (as soon as he checked he’s still slim enough to fit in the cabin).

The biggest highlight of the day happens suddenly as they discover the MCC’s super wide Sharp TV screen. And listening, eyes wide open, to how the satellite works, it all begins making lots of sense to the Pegoretti’ team, falling in love with the MCC’s luxury/ gypsy style. Dario can’t find any better plan than seeing the Spain-Italy euro-cup final at the top of Alp d’Huez!

Grazie Dario e Pietro per la cortese attenzione, è stato un vero onore.

*Forza Acciaio!*

Aimar is Captain of the Mobile Cycle Club Europe and also builds steel frames | “”: