Group Ride: the MCC & Bike Effect

Please check the schedule for the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club to see if they will be in your area soon. After a recent stop in New Hampshire for the NE Rapha Gentlemen’s Race, they are now heading directly to New York City (before returning to the Midwest). The MCC has been the hub for many rides — morning rides, afternoon rides and especially Lunch Rides, dropping in on our friends and Retail Partners who have helped make them awesome. Rapha is fortunate to have superb retailers in North America and Bike Effect is a fantastic shop located in Santa Monica. Though they have not been there for too long they have had great impact on those who live in their area; offering not only exceptional goods and services, but also the chance to participate in some amazing shop sponsored riding.

On a sunny Sunday in May we parked the Mobile Cycle Club in front of Bike Effect, tuned into the Giro d’Italia on TV and prepped our bikes ready to be ridden out of town. Led by shop ace Justin, we made our way towards Latigo Canyon Road. A road notorious for its twists, turns and steep ascent to the top of a ridge facing the Pacific Ocean. No matter how notorious this climb is, the views from the top are a fantastic example of what the hills in Santa Monica have to offer. Not only is there exceptional riding right outside Bike Effect’s shop doors, inside they have anything and everything you could possibly need to keep your bicycle lifestyle progressing smoothly. From on-the-bike nutrition to the newly published book The No Drop Zone by Red Kite Prayer founder Patrick Brady (still a few signed copies available). He is a local and has been known to occasionally stop by at the shop.

Stop by and say ‘hi’ to Alison, Steve and the rest of the Bike Effect crew. As well as supplying tires, tubes and high-end custom bicycle frames, they do the most comprehensive bicycle-fitting in the Los Angeles area. They have perfected an exclusive boutique style that many bike shops are aiming at. They carry the full range of Rapha clothing, hard to find european bike gear and an espresso machine. Check out the Bike Effect Blog for product news and information regarding events that are happening around Santa Monica.

Bike Effect also has a small series of rides that we printed onto cue-sheets for people that are looking for riding in their area. So, if you happen to be searching for a new ride they have you covered.