Beautiful Machines | A Century of Bikes

Rapha Cycle Club London is currently hosting an exhibition of 12 road machines from the last 110 years of cycle racing. From early 20th century fixed-wheel racers to the latest carbon technology, Beautiful Machines showcases the history and development of the racing bike through the last century and into the new millennium.

Highlights include: A BSA Path Racer from 1901, a 1938 Cimatta with the first Campagnolo gear system, A 1969 Reynolds 531 Peugeot Champion du Monde as ridden by Tom Simpson , a replica of Laurent Fignon’s Raleigh Systeme-U, the Cannondale CAAD3 which Mario Cipollini crashed in the 1998 Tour, and Lance Armstrong’s Trek from the mountain stages of the 2005 TdF.

Beautiful Machines runs until the end of July.

All Photos © Michael Conway